May 22nd, 2013


Wotta World...

Something incredibly bizarre seems to be happening every day. Yesterday we had the right-wing historian blowing his head off in Notre Dame, evidently in protest at equal marriage! What a horrible, sadly deluded thing. Surely committing suicide (a 'mortal sin' in my day-) in a cathedral is sagriledge, not to mention the trauma that must have been thrust upon the inevitable hordes of school kids, other innocent tourists, etc.
Today there's the very weird 'orrible killing in Woolwich, in which a soldier was butchered by two men of 'Islamic appearance', which is dreadful, of course, but there appears to be a lot more to it that hasn't been revealed. It seems to be considered a 'major terrorist attakc', Cameron is rushing home from his latest Eurojaunt to lead a COBRA meeting, etc. Is it just over-reaction, or is something organised going on?
R Next Door is in a right state. She really did look a wreck today and wouldn't speak. How much longer can this go on? I'm just not in a position to do anything except give her the odd top-up of groceries and bits of money, which are useless if she refuses to take the helpIMG_0020

she really needs to sort out her wretched situation. Oy!
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