May 15th, 2013


Goin' to Ghent...

I've booked us for the last week in August. Can't afford it, of course, BUT we do get a 'free third night' in a posh, very central hotel,a 72-hour travel pass, and entry to the museums for a very good price. Just had to... Moto, and others who've been there, any suggestions for interesting places for two gimpy old trouts with sticks to explore?
I've just been to the exhibit of Japanese Outsider Art at the Wellcome Collection, and greatly enjoyed it. They seem to get it right every time; I've never seen a dull show there, and it's free. crunchcandy and other crafty types should like the fabric work in this exhibit, too. It's open until 30 June, so plenty of time, still.
I got one of those DVDs I didn't order from LoveFilm, ALEX CROSS a pretty ordinary  Cop V Psychokiller  thing, worth sticking with (just) for the Detroit location stuff. Meh.
Also watched JACK REACHER, which was a bit more interesting, but not a lot. Must say Tom Cruise's torso is extremely well maintained. The best bit was a lizard-eyed cameo from Werner Herzog as a Very Bad Man.
Here's some more doodlediary scritches, all out of order, but at least they've re-appeared...
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