May 8th, 2013


Too Pooped To Pop...

Yesterday was, of course, pretty excruciating. Amazy got into the petmobil without  a struggle, and behaved fairly well on the trip, considering. She did yowl a great deal, but she napped, too. The posh clinic seemed very nice, and the vet was helpful. Cat has to have tests today , and if all is well (fingers crossed-) she'll have the injection tomorrow, and remain there until her system is clear of radiation (2-4 weeks.) I miss her, of course, and catch myself making 'cat noises' around the flat as usual, although there's  no cat to chat back.
I went to the Cathedral after leaving her, and decided to cough up  the £8.50 admission. I really hate paying to go into churches, but I guess it's the only way to maintain them. So much, though... I seem to remember, the last time I was there, there was a sign in the Martyrdom saying something like "This here is the spot wot his brains fell onto" (Did i just imagine that?)  Now there's just the stone with THOMAS carved on it.  The place was heaving with bellowing school-tripping French kids, shoving and playing with  their phones. Bah. Canterbury in general seems much more touristy, and less 'quaint' than it did on my last visit (about 30-odd years ago, granted...)  I quickly grew weary, and set off on the coach at about 3. Somewhere on the journey, I managed to lose my fucking Freedom Pass. DAMN it !!!  You have to pay £10 for a new one, plus £5 for an Oyster Card, and £4 for a 2-zone bus pass each day, until they send the new one. FUCK!
The scanner's not behaving today, either. Gawd help me.
It sounds as though badasstronaut   was given a worthy sendoff. She should have lived  so much longer, though *Sigh*.
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