May 4th, 2013


Dozy, As Usual...

Still suffering with this nasty sore throat, bunged-upness and cough, and still not even certain if it's allergies or some kind of lurgy. Fap.
Nothing much on telly tonight. I'm not particularly keen on the Arne Dahl mystery series on BBC 4. It's a bit formulaic, more like a USA/UK type series, and the characters don't appeal that much. I do rather like the hapless Viggo, though.Boy, you could dine out for decades on "the time I was crucified in Tallinn"...I'm also intrigued by the weird cleaner who keeps popping up to startle everyone.. I suspect he's just some red herring who will never be explained. The dialogue has its amusing moments, too, although I'm not sure they're intentional. I liked it when the FBI guy went down into the serial killer's secret torture basement (which had been left uninvestegated for about 20 years-) and intoned something along the lines of " *Choke!* What horrors these walls must have seen!"
The bloke from the venetian blind shop came around to measure. I can't afford them, but I have a fear that it's going to be a raging hot summer, and I've been meaning to get them for years.(Now I've succumbed, it will probably snow all summer-)

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