April 15th, 2013



full metalR Next Door is still talkin' trash, stumbling a lot, and generally being scary. This weird half smile she does while rabbiting on about how God will kill her enemies reminds me unnervingly of 'Private Pyle' in FULL METAL JACKET when he wigged out...Tried to contact her doctor again. Failed.
This, proably is adding to my CFS manifestations. I sat down and slept for close to two hours this afternoon.
Before that, I'd done my 'workout', gone to the launderette and picked up some bits in the big Sainsbury's, which is going to be enlarged, with apartments on the site, park area, etc, by 2016. Interesting. They're trying to get Vauxhall all posh, what with the embassies moving here as well.    Watched DOGGING TALES last night, a very strange documentary where unbelievably dull bumpkin- people wearing animal masks talked about teir sexual shenannigans in the woods. The poor little boyfriend of the buxom woman who was looking for thrills couldn't get a stiffy because it was cold. That was about the most exciting bit. God, an evening drinking coffee, cat-cuddling and watching SPIRAL or something equally cool is wayyy more appealing...I know, I'm very old.
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