March 15th, 2013

Twitch Bugs


I hate living in piles of detritus and clouds of dust. My asthma is kicking up, and I *itch*. The cleaner says her nose is bleeding from it, and the bosses won't give her a mask.  Oh well, the plasterer isn't making much noise, so that's a blessing...Imprssions of Pope Francis...Reminds me a bit of John Paul II. Gives the impression af a sincerely pious and kindly man with good socialist tendencies, marred by his mad adherence to the status quo of  gay is bad, women are inferior and certainly not fit for priesthood, which must be celibate (kiddies don't seem to count-), no contraception, no sex at all, unless you're married and doing it for the pupose of possibly producing another wee Catholic,etc. etc. Shame...EASTENDERS has intoduced their ian &D most unlikely, impossible mating ever, and that's saying plenty! In yer dreams, Ian. Mind you, he IS undergoing a personality transplant since his breakdown, and supposedly becoming less of a dick. Phil IMGIMG_0001IMG_0003seems to be starting to revert to a 'goodie' as well. Bah.
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