February 28th, 2013


Hats, Gym, etc...

Tried exercising in the cheapo 'trapper's hat' I got on Ebay, but I really do look distressingly like the ghastly John McCrirrick in it. It's comfier than the 'Benny', though. hatmanThis has got to be the last cold snap of the winter, anyway....I went to get the 'introduction' to the new gym, and wow, it's luxurious; loads of equipment, really posh showers, etc. Of course, in a couple of weeks it will be stinking of sweaty South Londoners, and probably full of loud wankers from the college just steps away. Still, the price is right, and golly, it's just so full of stuff!...Continuing to enjoy the rest of SPIRAL, series 2. I still can't figure out how I only saw the first third of it on TV. It's a corker: 'orrible murders, louche Parisian lowlife and oodles of riveting Judge Roban antics!...IMG
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