February 23rd, 2013


Hospital Grump...

I actually forgot to have a moan yesterday (most unlike me-)  about the fact that after my rather encouraging visit to the post-surgery place, I had to wait for TWO FECKIN' HOURS is the miserable blood tests section, where there were about three hundred (no kidding-) unfortunates already assembled to give their half an armful, which takes about two minutes.  I got a seat straight away, but had to keep relinquishing it, as nearly everyone who came in after me was either eight months gone, or an octogenerian, and/or on crutches. There's very little room to stand, and for the cherry on top, one hour of the fun consisted of a prattish documentary about punishing those awful welfare cheats, with a hideous 'jokey' narration. (The other hour was HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER, so that was OK...)          R Nxt Door lost a tooth ysterday, and for reasons too complicated/insane to go into, she has to wait to have it seen to until her dentist, the only one she trusts, is back from holiday in mid-March. So, she's going around now  with her lower face all wrapped up like 'L'Homme Qui Rit', and what with her dark glasses, looking very sisister indeed. She also reckons that she can't eat until the dentist is back as she's afraid of dislodging the temporary filler they put in. Ya couldn't make it up...IMG
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