February 15th, 2013


MEDEA, Dead Scanner...

Ventured out into hideous, bonechilling twilight Wednesday to see the MEDEA dress at the Coli with helenraven   It isn't really my kind of opera, as a little Baroque goes a long way with me. I'd never seen it before, though, and it turned out a lot more involving than I was expecting.  We were stuck in the balcony, which never does my height pgobia much good, and the vertiginous (but very impressive-) set made me feel  rather ill, until I got used to it. It was quite a brilliant production, though. The singers, led by the admirable Sarah Connolly really seemed to be into their roles to an unusual degree, especially given the raging OTT-ness of their characters. They managed to come across as very human. Lynne Page's wonderfully camp choreography, executed by some ultra-athletic dancers provided some grand comic relief. It's a fairly long piece, but it didn't drag, and while I wouldn't put MEDEA on my list of favourite operas, it's certainly worth a visit, and you probably won't find a better production ( Directed by David McVicar-) than this one.       helenraven, who also approved highly of the proceedings, mentioned in an interval that she'd seen SINISTER, and I might like it... I actually had the rented DVD at home, but hadn't watched it yet. I got around to it today and it really is pretty creepy, with especially good use of unpleasant music and noise. It does become a bit conventional at the end, but all in all, a better than average scary film.  I'm afraid my scanner is really dead-dead this time, I'm not getting any results with it. Bugger! So this is the last batch of doodles until I get it sorted...IMGIMG
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