February 11th, 2013


BAFTAs And Such...

Don't know why I usually feel compelled to watch boring award shows, but I do...Actually, the clips from LIFE OF PI made me more inclined to check it out, for the sheer visual beauty , although  I consider the book a fatuous Paolo Coello-type waffly thing. Also I hadn't realised that 'Richard Parker' was entirely CGI'd. God, he looks real...I think SKYFALL is the first Bond film I've ever seriously wanted to see, although I've seen most of them I suppose, and enjoyed a few. However, I still have no inclination whatever to see ARGO or ZERO DARK THIRTY...I liked Billy Connoly's description of the clunky award itself as ' death mask on a stick' (I've always thought of it as 'Dick Deadeye'. Interesting that most awards are hideous. The only one I've ever found rather attractive was The Evening Standard one. ENO had theirs on display at the Coli for a time, but it got nicked. ... Exercised in the snow/drizzle and slimy mud again. I was sensibly intending to give it a miss, but there was a lull in the precipitation so I went ahead...Anybody else who's had a fairish weight loss notice these strange little mutations? It's actually quite weird. I was stretching in the bed this morning, and I felt my ribs! Not poking out, of course, but they're there!  Criminy.      IMG   
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