January 27th, 2013



Can't rmember the last time I saw a virtually cloudless blue sky. It was rather mild, too. Did another gentle worout on the machines that don't involve stomach stuff. It felt good. I am eating too much too soon, though.I was weary of feeing like I was constantly about to faint.
This week's films included WRATH OF THE TITANS. Even featuring Liam Neeson, Ralphh Fiennes, Bill Nighy and Danny Houston as dwindling dieties, it was barely watchable. The monsters were mediocre, and the script was just astoundingly lamentable. Perseus, embodied by a dull hunk with a jarringly Strine accent,was also pretty intolerable. Poor.

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Still More...

IMG_0003 I'm really almost enjoying doing a bit of exercise again. I feel the need of it, now. Weirdly when I was in hospital, the first couple of nights after the op. I was in a lot of pain, and couldn't sleep much at night, with all the moaning, yelling and clattering going on. I was miserably depressed and drug-addled, so to calm myself I fantasised about being on the rowing machine, of all bizarre things. It actually cheered me up a bit!