January 7th, 2013



http://youtu.be/wQAW61O5Me8 nbsp nbsp; Whoo, first thing I must say to anyone contemplating a gastric bypass, is yes, when you come round you will think you've died and gone to Hell. You fell like that for nearly three days. I've been in hospital for almost ten bloody days, but that's not as bad as it sounds, quite. I was supposed to be out on Tuesday, but they kept me in 'cos of 'insufficient support' at home, and to force me to learn how to stick a needle in my belly twice a day for 26 days (anticoagulants-)This actually suited me fine, as H wasn't well herself, and I hate imposing on peeps. However, after being told I could leave Friday, I suffered a hideous attack of, um, diarroeah Thursday night, and was promptly wheeled off to this isolation cell in case it was Norovirus or something catching. As it was Friday, they didn't get the results back in time, and I was kept in over the weekend! I had no money, only the stinking clothes I came in wearing, as I expected I'd be in for  three days, and even he 'free radio' monitor in the room was busted. I'd read the books I brought, and couldn't leave the room until Saturday morning. Luckily, then I was able to find a discarded paperback, Jo Nesbro's THE LEOPARD, featuring loads of entertainingly grotesque murders ('Leopold's Apple'?! )  Anyway, I'm very, very, pleased, relieved and grateful to be home with cat, telly & PC. Praise the gods. I'm still very weak and slow, but have minimal pain, now., and touch wood that all continues to go well. Thanks for all your good wishes, LJers.
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