December 12th, 2012

Twitch Bugs

Nervous Inertia...

I have hundreds of things to do before going into hospital, but seem to do the same nothing every day: exercise, go to the shops, maybe, tidy up, spend the rest of the day pissing about, watching films, doodling, dozing, etc. Pathetic.
I quite liked looking out at the ghostly freezing fog last night. Winter has its drawbacks, but it's still my favourite season.  Must post my Christmas Market stuff, but can't be arsed.
I gave the BIG ISSUE guy who always calls me 'Mommy', a little Christmas tip, and he assured me good luck would come my way. Hope so.
Doesn't look like London will be seeing much of the meteor shower, as usual. Bah.
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    WALKING IN THE AIR, dammit.