November 18th, 2012



I don't want to go on about it, as it's so tedious, but suffice to say, I have been roped in to help R Next Door take a petition around the two towers to try and stop the replacement otf our sturdy fire doors with inferior new ones, for no reason, it seems. We've been given so much misinformation that nobody has reaised what was going on, until it was almost certainy too late, but perhaps we can still expose the council's ineptitude/possible dodgy dealings with contractors.  I didn't really want to get involved, and it was absolutely hellish going around knocking on doors yesterday, and probably today, if I can't squirm out of it. My back hasn't hurt so much in months. Uh...
Anyway, it was a pleasure to slump down and watch THE KILLING 3  double bill. Ah, Sarah Lund...
Also watched THE SNAKE PIT, a fascinating melodrama from the '40's about life in a mental hospital, writhing, gurgling people getting shock treatment, etc. Worth a look.

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