November 6th, 2012


Feelin' The Fear...

I got a letter from the hospital this morning saying I have to report for a pre-bariatric surgery interview and checkup Friday morning. (It's always early, so's I have to be up about 6 to get there...) That means I could have an actual date very soon. I'm bricking it, of course. Oh my God...
The R Next Door saga has taken yet another frightful turn. On top of everything else sh's got hanging over her, she also got a scary letter today. A drunken woman who ran out in front of her car, and got a broken ankle three years ago, is now taking her to court. She was told by the cops at the time that the woman had no case,there were several witnesses able to vouch for R, and the drunk was just trying to swing a payoff, nothing would ever come of it, etc...She's really gonna crack, soon. God knows, even a sane person would be freaking out at this point. *Sigh*
Saw an interesting historical romance, A ROYAL AFFAIR, all about the 18th century Danish court of crazy Christian VII, and the influence of the Enlightenment thinker Struensee, (the rather hott Mads Mikkelsen-) who was having an affair with the neglected Queen. I knew little of this business, and don't know how historically accurate it is, but it's a good, solid film.
The neck-in-neck US election is pretty worrying. Hope Obama's still in when we wake up tomorrow...
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