October 28th, 2012

muffler scrooge

Frosty Morning...

I had five layers on for my park activities today, topped by a massive hoodie, so that I looked like a rotund Mad Monk. Must have been quite hilarious, but luckily not too many people about. I'm now enjoying a lovely huge bucketful of milky coffee. Mmmm.
Hope all those in the Frankenstorm path are safe and well, including my lil' sis, her hubby and their beasts in upstate NY. As usual, in these cases, it probably won't be anything like as intense as predicted. Very interesting, though, if only nobody were harmed.
Had a dream that two basses were singing excerpts from Wagner operas that don't really exist. I was so moved that I was crying, though. Shame I can't remember the actual music... One of the singers shot me a disdainful look from the stage, but I just couldn't contol my emotional incontinence.
Watched LOVELY MOLLY, an extremely boring horror. Jeez, it was crap I was just in the mood for a good scary fillum, too, and this was sooooo not it. Fap.
On the other hand, I was riveted by Will Self(!) reading a chapter, 'The Whiteness of the Whale',  of MOBY DICK. I'm really enjoying the entire Big Read, so far, and advise all and sundry to check it out.



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