October 8th, 2012


Vile Tories...

Feeling pretty grim after being bombarded all day with the Nasy Party's plans for us. I honestly don't think it's that paranoid to speculate that they're planning to eliminate us underclass typpes by making our lives such a torment that we commit suicide or just peg out from the stress of the constant little cuts and cruelties. Guh.
It was a filthy day , and I got caught in the rain while at the 'gym', then near the launderette.
Watched some of SPARTACUS: REVENGE. Think it's jumped the shark. I miss John Hannah's entertainingly camp antihero, and the gore has now rached such a constant pitch of gruesomeness that it's boring.They must be averaging about 50 sword- through- the eyeball, blood-spewing dispatches per episode.
R Next Door who hasn't baked in ages, made a version of the black forest gateau in her huge tome of German cake & biscuit recipes. Maybe she's a little bit less depressed. This was fantastic. She used soya cream and plums she foraged from the Common instead of cherries. Yum.

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