September 24th, 2012


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Trying another cafe, newish to the area...Machines are a bit better, but it's dirty, and the coffee is gross. How I miss the comfort of home PC-ing. Engineer is supposed to come tomorrow. Pleeeze gods, sort it!
Started to rain on me in the 'gym' and looks like carrying on for the day. Hauled a footstool that's surplus to requirements to the Mind Shop, and that is my exciting day so far. Various parts of my hideous old body are aching ...horribly


Oh Lordy, I'm back online, and I don't have to pay £99.00 for the engineer visit, because it was the cable, and IT WASN'T MY FAULT!
Happyhappy Joyjoy, and my warmest thanks to whichever Big Sky Daddy or Mummy has intervened and rendered me functional, through the very nice BT man who toiled for about three hours. 
Incredibly weird atmosphere continues, although we seem to be having a lull between downpours at the moment. Perhaps I should go down while it lasts, and do my jerks and stretches, although it must be pretty damn muddy...
Toilet is still not right at all, and despite further  lenghty telephone carryons, I have not yet heard from anyone about fixing it.

And here a few  diary doodles from the PCless days;

IMG              IMG_0002

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