September 21st, 2012


You Wouldn't Believe It...

Still without internet at home,and no feckin' BT Vision.Despite nearly killing myself in frightening crawls on the floor trying to sort it all out,I can't.Much incomprehensible 'conversation'with help-desk people on another continent has only made things worse.
An engineer (£££-) is supposed to come Monday.
Someone was supposed to give the ClosOMat loo its annual service at 3 yesterday. He arrived at five,and pronounced all well.Now the fecking thing won't flush! I have to get back in a moment,hoping he'll return this afternoon.Holy Mother o'God...
I am very angry....Just amused myself thinking of Hulk casually Smashing bystanding Thor,while cooling down from a battle royal...
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE  was quite entertaining, in general.I do enjoy Loki's BwaaaHaha rants. Ohh,and it looks like Galactus is coming! Yeh!
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