September 17th, 2012

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Weird Quotations...

Marlowe's TAMBURLAINE was on the radio last night and I listened for a while. There are quite a few bits of it that have stuck in my brain for decades, and I sometimes find drifting through my consciousness at odd moments, like:
And ride in triumph through Persepolis!--

Is it not brave to be a king, Techelles?--
Usumcasane and Theridamas,
Is it not passing brave to be a king,

And ride in triumph through Persepolis?

Today I was listening to Jarvis Cocker on R4, talking about the almost-forgotten Richard Brautigan. For some reason, I also carry around a sentence of his, from IN WATERMELON SUGAR:
Inboil came out to meet us. His clothes were wrinkled and dirty and so was he. He looked like a mess and he was drunk.
I used to read Brautigan a lot, back in the day. 
Strange, when you're sitting on the bus or something, and stuff like this floats across your brain.

Today I discovered Danny Noble, through THE VERY IMPORTANT YEAR, which I picked up in Orbital. Nice stuff. Also got the latest COMIX READER, which gave me great pleasure.

Once again, I have failed to be converted to DOWNTOWN ABBEY.


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