September 16th, 2012


JULIETTA at ENO, Dogfight...

Early excursion to the Coliseum to see the JULIETTA dress rehearsal. I was curious to see Martinu's surrealistic romance, as it's seldom performed, and I didn't know it at all, although it actually has been done by ENO before. Not bad, although once is probably enough, for me. Some pretty musical moments and an attractive production, including a drop cloth depicting 'Little Nemo'-esque dreamers, the last one being the hero, who slides to the floor...I was in the back of the balcony, which was half empty, and entirely occupied by other 'disabled (and skint) OAP' types. For act 3, an old lady moved to the chair in front of me and proceeded to fart fragrantly throughout. I could have moved, I guess, but I had bagged one of the few almost-comfortable seats up there. (The aisle seats in the back row are considerably wider than the others...)
As I made my way to my home building,  I heard R.Next Door screaming at me from the car park. She was returning from the vet, where she'd spent the morning (and £350.00!) with the wounded Pepe who had been attacked by the ugly crocodile-jawed bitch of Lymph Node Woman! That poor animal really doesn't have a lot of luck. He looked pretty sad, still dopey from the anaesthetic, with 13 sore-looking stitches on his side. Thank Christ I wasn't there when the fracas took place. Hope she doesn't have a problem getting LNW, who so far is co-operative, (but there were no witnesses-) to cough up for the vet bill, though.


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