September 10th, 2012



aving problems downloading my doodles again, not that anyone 's interested, but I like to keep a record of 'em online, for reasons unknown even to me.
Had a dream last night that an elderly balding dwarf sang YELLOW at the Paralympics closing ceremony. Miss charlottecooper  then misled me into believing that this was true! I saw it on TV today, though  and it was just the usual Coldplay eejit. They are a pretty egregious group, but I've always really liked YELLOW.
I'm going to have to call the council to get someone to shut the window again, as there's a gale blowing in, pictures banging on the wall, cat unnerved, etc. It's so embarrassing...I'm definitely not the only one, though. These 'new' windows are rubbish. I don't know why they bothered. The old ones were actually better. At least you could open and close them without an engineering degree.They didn't leak, either.
I've had a really superqueasy stomach all day, and was sweating cobs in ASDA, with 'orrible cramps, and the conviction that a terrible mortification was about to ensue. I made it home, though. Whew. Still poorly, though.

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