August 18th, 2012



Typical CAPTION weather utterly unbearable to me, but better than cool and cloudy to many, and even pleasant for some. Well, hope it all goes well. There's absolutely no way I could manage the journey via Oxford Tube, even for one day, but I'm very sorry to miss it, especially the workshops.
To my own amazement, I managed to do all my exercises, in a rather desultory fashion, granted, but in days gone by, I never did anything like that in hot weather. After all, with my asthma, etc, etc. R's masochism must be rubbing off on me, or I've got myself bloody well trained.
I sat downstairs with R and dawgs for some time, until what little shade there was evaporated, then I gave the flat a quick tidy-up, showered and retired to the cool(er) bedroom for the afternoon, drowsing fitfully, and watching 70's schlock-horror FRIGHTMARE, with the splendid Sheila Keith. Oy, such weather...

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