August 13th, 2012

i am bored

Olympics Over!...

Watched the closing ceremony, apart from a few bits that I slept through. The spectacle was fab, and I enjoyed a few of the turns, Like Annie Lennox, the Who, Phil Davies, Queen, Fatboy Slim's giant octopus...I was thinking of my late friend John when Darcey Bussell came swooping in. He had a big 'thing' for her, and would have had such a droolfest over her absurd Phoenix/Firebird frolic. Sigh.
On the whole, a bit lame, though. I wonder what the comedown is gonna be like? Boris Johnson has been frothing at the mouth about it being the greatest event of our time, or something. These people all seem to be completely demented, and we're in their power...Actually, after all the manufactured euphoria when people start to notice getting smacked in the gob again by the giant wet fish of financial misery, general abuse by this hideous corrupt/idiotic government, the collapse of society in general, etc. it wouldn't surprise me that much if there was more rioting.
It doesn't look like I'm going to make it to CAPTION. What with all the date changes, I never got around to booking rail tickets or a B&B. Absurdly extravagant, anyway, I really can't afford that sort of thing. I suppose I could possibly go via Oxford Tube, just for the Saturday, if the weather actually turns out cool and crisp It's filthy with humidity and pollution at present, and seems likely to stay that way for a few days. Yuck. Overcast, anyway, thank gods.
I've been watching out for showers of meteors, but no luck. I really don't think there's much chance of seeing anything in London, except maybe on Primrose Hill, in unusually clear conditions. Bah..
There was a very interesting film on over the weekend, which a lot of people probably didn't see, LONDON BABYLON. with plenty of archive clips, some overfamiliar, but a lot new to me. I love that sort of thing, and suggest those who didn't see it should have a gawk while it's on iPlayer
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