July 16th, 2012


Peter Pain...

Further to R Next Door's search for a working pain relief liniment, I remembered this stuff, from my extreme youth. These strips used to appear in the Sunday comic papers, and I was mildly afraid of the gnarly green homunculus...Still looks very weird.


Must say this current HOLLOW CROWN  series is some of the best-done  Shakespeare I've ever seen. HENRY IV PART II Saturday, was terrific. Falstaff and Shallow had me snivelling. (I was in a melancholy mood, anyway...) .Check it out on iPlayer if you missed it. It's really  worthwhile.
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Got drenched while exercising downstairs, just when I'd thought it was 'safe'. Same again when I  ventured to ASDA mainly to stock up on litter crystals for the cat, only to discover that once again, they are out of them. Gnghhh...Oh well, I am certainly not forgetting how much better it is (for me, at least-)  to be dripping in eternal drizzle than to be stewing in the frightful heatwaves that so many other poor peeps are enduring. 
R Next Door is off on 'holiday' with her animals (ie:  house sitting for a wealthy friend on the posh side of Clapham Common for a week. She's thrilled. It's a gorgeous, cosy house, with a garden, and she'll have TV, etc. (Hers conked out, and she refuses assistance to buy a new one-) So, that's cool; hopefully the change will do her good.

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