July 5th, 2012


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IMGIMG_0001INCREDIBLY  steamy hot when the sun comes out. It's so weird. Did bugger all, but exercise, and get rid of the bariatric walker I never use, because it's too awkward on buses. I'm actually better off just leaning on the hopping trolley. I passed it on to the surgery, as someone should be able to benefit from  it.
Astoundingly, I was given the wrong prescription (yet another locum-) AGAIN, despite a long explanation...It's two weeks since I've had a proper 'preventer' inhaler. I'll have to just use the thing I've been given, now, until they get it sorted out. I'm really losing all faith in the NHS, which is scary.
R Next Door had a screaming panic attack in the lift, as she thought the Bad Dog from the sixth floor was attacking, again. It was fairly alarming. I do what I can, but I'm nuts myself, there's not much I can do, except try to reassure her. She has another doctor's appointment next week, but they don't seem to have much idea of what's going on with her.  Waddya gonna do?


My BT Vision setup has conked out now, after all the problems I've been having with Broadband. They ar, of couse impossible to contact, and the online support is useless. Fuque!
Just watched BUG, a William Friedkin film I'd never heard of until the other day. It was very, very, weird indeed.
Here are some more  doodlediary scribbles.