May 20th, 2012


On A Downer...

Another one of those days. Little niggles, etc. getting me down.
Somebody keeps locking the rubbish chute door. (The locks were changed years ago, and tenants never got new keys...) I moaned to the concierge, who said it was because eople kept putting too-large items in. Other floors aren't locked, though. So every time the cat dumps, I have to go up and down a big flight of stairs, which, for me, is very painful and takes ages. Last time, I decided to get in the lift, to do it, only to find lift floor buried in sand and soapy water. (Cleaning up blood?)
I made the mistake of watching THE PAWNBROKER, which has nice b&w shots of 60's Harlem, etc. and strong acting from Rod Streiger and a lot of other method stalwarts.It is also possibly the glummest, grimmest film of all time, and I advise against watching it, especially if, like me, you have a tendency to depression! Jeez Louise!
H's husband was taken poorly a couple of nights ago and ended up in hospital. Haven't had any further news, and don't like to ring when they're bound to be busy, etc. Hope all is well, though. It sounds rather scary.
I just feel like mindlessly watching TV, and there is nothing on. NOTHING!  Feh...
Hot weather is predicted, too. Bum.

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