May 16th, 2012



...For no particular reason, I just am. Grump.
This week's fillums have included INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, which was entertaining, and UNDERWORLD 3, which wasn't. I wasn't execting it to be good, but in the first two, there were some amusing moments, thank to Bill Nighy's very funny vamire king. This one was just non-stop  people jumping around in the dark, fighting loudly. Crapola.
I saw part of a documentary about these young popsies who get men on the internet to buy them stuff and give them money for nothing. Sometimes I rather wish I could pull off something like that. 'Madam Sin' used to have a slave who did all her gardening. I'd really like someone to do my more difficult housework, as I can't bend my knees properly. Anyone fancy being verbally abused by a hideous, obese geriatric? Evidently some guys enjoy being humiliated even more if the mistress is ugly...I've always found the whole business rather fascinating. Chortle.

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