May 9th, 2012


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Lots of heavy dog-growls and yaps... The creepy Dreadlock Man's rumbustious bitch that he can't control, got attacked by an even bigger, stroppier dawg, and it all took off. R Next Door shrieked 'Zey are killing each uzzer!'  and ran off to join in.  There were several people already gawping, so I thought it was all over, really, and  didn't want to interfere, anyway.  They were indeed separated with no serious damage, but R seemmed shocked that I'd remained 'just sitting zere smiling'.. She reckoned she was too lightweight to separate  two big, battling beasts, so I should have limped up there, and thrown my still-reasonable upper body strength into the fray! Hey, 'twerent none of my beeswax, sorry! I don't even know these dogs.
In other 'news', I only got a bit drizzled on while exercising, then schlepped to the launderette to do my reeking sheets. (It's so difficult to change the bed, I do tend to leave them on for weeks. My bad...)  Then I got my bonce shaved; looks horrific, feels sublime, as per usual.