April 18th, 2012


The Usual...

Sittin'  here with my first bucket of coffee wondering if I'l have to face the horror of the outdoor gym today. At the moment, it's raining pretty steadily, heh...So stupid; much as I loathe it, it doesn't take long, and I know I can feel smug and relieved after I've done it, but...
Have caught up on Season 2 GAME OF THRONES, which is progressing nicely. It's amazing how some characters and environments look so exactly as I've imagined them.
I've also been dabbling in season one of  SONS OF ANARCHY, a sometimes gruesomely black-humorous saga of a biker gang, which helenraven

lent me ages ago. It's quite entertaining, but not, I think full obsession material. I'm compelled to keep drawing Ron Pearlman, though.

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I have just gone to the park between blustery showers to work out on the wet machines. I am:

Admirably dedicated to my health-improvement regime.
Madly, masochistically mental.
Just plain nuts.
All of the above.