April 11th, 2012


Minor Triumph...

I wasn't able to use the 'leg press' because I wasn't doing it right. I figured it out this morning, and gave it a good go. Now my knees are going snap crackle pop, but hey, I rule! I am now cancelling out any possible benefit by chowing down on poppyseed cake.
Lymph Node Woman siezed the old boy with the round Labrador, and proceeded to go into one about AIDs 'treatments', and how the whole epidemic was caused by the US government putting some sort of  poison into the poppers circulated in LA to wipe out as many gays as possible...She was standing nearby, while I kept my head down in A DANCE WITH DRAGONS but I 'could not choose but hear' the endless demented monologue. R had vanished off somewhere, doing her exercises, and I finally just had to get up and go.. Think the showers are coming soon, anyway.
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    R4 talking about teenage tendencies