March 16th, 2012


Oh Nooooo!!!

I've only lost my wallet, with about £30, cards, etc. in it. I really cannot imagine how I did it. It must have happened between 1:00 and 2:00, but I only realised about half an hour ago.
I've been feeling ill all day, too. Didn't go to the gym with R, but did it on my way back from the shops. Now I'm really aching, and still queasy, and very, very pissed off... All that money...
WHITE HEAT on TV is a bit of a flop. I was looking forward to it, as it deals with the days of my youth, and has a very good cast. Unfortunately, it's just a parade of one lame 60's cliche after another. Bah.
MY WEEK WITH MARILYN was a bit of a letdown, too. I was expecting something rather better. It was OK, but nothing special.

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