March 14th, 2012



Still doing the exercise course, including the dreaded cross-trainer. I do wish they'd put in a treadmill and bike as well...I was talking to an old lady who lived in Turkey for five years, and she says absolutely all the parks have outdoor gym setups, there,specially for older people, which nearly everyone uses every day. Should be like that here.
Went over to WholeFoods at Knighstbridge for a  (£2.99!) loaf of that sesame/semolina fruit bread. Insane, but it's so good.
Then I watched one of this week's DVD rentals, VIOLENT PLAYGROUND, about delinquents in ancient (about 1960) Liverpool, starring Stanley Baker as a cop, a weirdly youthful Peter Cushing as the local saintly priest, and David McCallum as a crazy mixed up kid. He was my big high school celeb crush, and I recall seeing that a fellow nerd, one Margaret Goodwill, had a picture of him in her locker. I felt really angry! (He was mine,dammit-) Anyway, it was quite amusing. There was one particularly odd scene where McCallum leads his gang of hooligans in a frenzied rock & roll dance orgy, while the cop unblinkingly stares at  them. I suppose it was to show that he was unintimidated by by their antics, but the effect was entertainingly homoerotic. I do enjoy crappy old films. This one had the added bonus of being in black and white, too.
  He may have looked like the Mekon, but  my pubescent lil' heart was his, if only he'd known...  ;D
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