January 13th, 2012


Out & About...

Left stupidly early to meetcrunchcandy at the Wellcome Gallery I'm always afraid of being stuck in a jam because of the eternal roadworks, etc., so ended up cooling my heels for about 20 minutes. There seemed to be a lot more people there than usual, although it wasn't exactly overcrowded. I get mildly peeved when 'my' places are discovered by the hoi polloi, but in fairness, it's such a cool place that everyone should take advantage of it. Camilla arrived in due course, and we had a nice cuppa, chat,  and viewing of the Mexican miracle paintings, and other fascinating stuff. I've only missed about 2 of the exhibits there since they opened, and always get a buzz out of them. 
C's parents arrived a bit earlier than expected, so she went off to meet them for an afternoon at the BM with Grayson Perry.
I carried on upstairs to see the 'Graphic' show, but it was only tiny; some strips drawn by youngsters who'd attended  workshop there, with no leafet or anything to go with it, and while interesting enough, nothing spectacular.  Elsewhere, there's a 'feedback' wall, where you're supposed to draw/write about a couple of the words printed on the front of the card, and place it on the rack. I noticed that 'obesity' seemed to be by far the most frequently chosen (and most feared/loathed...?)

Earlier in the week I watched TROLL HUNTER, which was entertaining, but I'd been led to expect a bit more of it. On the other hand, I liked  RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, rather more than I expected to. Veh good, actually.Wonder if Andy Serkis is psychologically affected by playing apes/Gollumy critters nearly all the time? Guess it's an excellent living, anyhow, and he's really good at it.

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