December 23rd, 2011


Past a Feckin' Joke...

I am very, very weary of this cold, especially the gruesome Covonia-resistant, green lumpystuff  cough. Not to mention the grannypissing that goes with it.  Humbugger.
I don't feel inclined to go out in the unhealthy humid wind, either, but there are a couple of  little prezzies I meant to get... I think they'll have to bloody wait. Also, after the crap cruise  markets, I was curious to have a look at the South bank Christmas Market to see if it was any less grim than usual. Doubt if I'll manage, though

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    LA BOHEME: Musetta's Waltz
flying adipose

The Wildy!

I just saw on that history of film series that early productions would employ a weirdo, usually a drunkard, to be the 'wildy' and throw in bizarre suggestions for livening up scripts... such as Laurel and Hardy carrying a piano over an Alpine rope bridge AND encountering a gorilla!
How thoroughly brilliant. I certainly missed out on a noble career path.