December 16th, 2011



I, unblessed Atlas!
I carry a world, the entire world of pain,
I bear the unbearable,
And the heart within me wants to break.

Proud heart, you have wanted it thus!
You wanted to be happy, eternally happy,
Or eternally miserable, you proud heart,
And now you are miserable.

Woke up this morning with both knees feeling like big hot rocks. Worst evah, and they've been like this since before the cruise.
About lunchtime the gas people rang, saying the valve wasn't available yet, so it can't be fixed until feckin' Monday. I could have got other stuff done, today. ..I'm really annoyed about the little wagon-table falling apart. I think it will be OK if I just leave the wheels off, although it's still a bit wobbly. I needn't have tried to shift it today, anyway. I may complain about it, as it's supposed to be specially made to hold one of the mini-ovens, and I've always had to keep an eye on it. Could be very dangerous, if a kid a was around.  
Oh, it looks like the scanner's going kaput again...


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