November 27th, 2011



God, I am so bloody inert. Loadsa pain, too. I didn't persuade the doctor to give me enough morphine, or something effective, to take on the lil' cruise, blast it, and Tramadol, while better than the other things I've tried, doesn't help much. I've been told Feminax is good for joint pain, but it's got ibroprofen in it, and asthmatics aren't s'pozed to take that.  I never was one for taking painkillers, even after an op, or dental extraction, I didn't feel I needed anything, but boy, I'm making up for these days.Bum.
I'm enjoying season 2 of THE KILLING, but have to say it's nowhere near as good as the first series. The new characters just aren't as compelling, and I rather miss the statuesquely decorative Troels.
I'm kind of addicted to THE SLAP, which people complain about because the characters are all so obnoxious. They really are, with the marginal exception of Anouk, but I think that's the attraction in a way. Wotta bunch of pillocks; HAha...
I'm doing  little Amazy strip, but haven't finished it yet

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