November 23rd, 2011


Smog In My Noggin...

Had a lurgy for a couple of days; not too bad, fortunately, but I still have an irritating little cough. Meh. Suffering badly from 'brain fog', though. Not that that's particularly unusual.
Saw an interesting DVD, THE KREUTZER SONATA, based on the Tolstoy story, with the same very underrated director (Bernard Rose)  and star ( the subtle, reptilian Danny Huston) as another weirdly fascinating Tolstoy-inspired film IVANS XTC. Rose also directed CANDYMAN, one of my favourite horrors.
I'm still not really into the current MISFITS season, but Kelly nutting Hitler was definitely an iconic moment.
It was so dank and  gloomy yesterday, that I put on a jacket for the first time this 'autumn'. I didn't really need it, though, and once outdoors, felt sweaty and stuffy.
Went to the doctor the other day to enquire about the progress of my op. (I'm 33 on the list, after nearly 2 years...) and the uselessness of my antidepresants and painkillers. I found her quite demoralised herself, about the deterioration of the NHS service and  increasing pressures on GPs....'And it's going to get much worse'...Happyhappy Joyjoy!
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