November 7th, 2011


Murky Monday...

What to do? As usual determined to accomplish something. Try again, fail again...
Thank the gods the DOWNTON ABBEY series has ended, so I don't feel compelled to watch its dreadfulness. for a while. Spoilers ahead, if you can spoil something so blazingly obvious. Lord Thingy nobly gave up his pursuit of the pretty widowed maid, although he wanted her with-yup-every fibre of his being. He also U-turned on the daughter marrying the chauffeur. The wet fiance of Formerly Paralysed and Impotent Guy conveniently expired of the Spanish influenza BUT now he and lady Mary can never be together because of guilt. All the other influenza victims were soon right as rain, despite a lot of sweating, delerium, and bleeding from the nose.
 Bates married that poor woman,and they Did It, although, mercifully we only saw them afterglowing under the covers, which was quite enough for any sane person.
He was arrested soon after, of course, for the murder of his evil ex

Here's some more  'my style over the years' stuff...

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