October 10th, 2011


World Mental Health Day...

Maybe that's why I've been feeling extra sick and twisted!
On the positive side, it's the birthday of sublime genius Guiseppe Verdi. Salut!
Over the weekend, I tried to watch a DVD, SKELETONS, which seemed to be rather good, but I fell asleep four times, and finally gave up.
Go figure...
I've schlepped out to ASDA, and have just been listening to an intriguing afternoon play on R4, about a modern dancing mania suddenly striking the cities of the world. Very plausible, actually.
Still too bloody mild! Want crunchy,crispy autumn! Nice and breezy, though.
I shuffled to Orbital Comics the other day, to check out the little exhibit of cartoonists' self-portraits, which I enjoyed. I came away considerably lighter of cash, as usual, and without the (sold-out) LOVE AND ROCKETS I'd intended to buy. Instead, I invested in Paul Rainey's BOOK OF LISTS, which is very amusing indeed. Arf.
I can't remember if I've already pre-paid for the upcoming STRUMPET, which is annoying. Obviously, I don't want to pay twice. I reckon everyone should invest in a copy, though, it promises to be excellent.
whoresofmensa will provide the details.
Still reading THE BRONTES in tandem with the DEXTER OMNIBUS. Not so strange, really. I'm sure the sisters would have got a real charge out of DEXTER and his Dark Passenger.
I saw the Covent Garden shrine to Steve Jobs. Weird. Of course, it's very sad for anyone to die at 56,and he surely had much more to give, but it surprises me that so many people have been emotionally affected by SJ's passing. I've often felt sad and sort of-bereaved myself, when a public figure I've admired dies, but  certainly never felt any affection for Steve Jobs 'as a person'. I sensed  no warmth there. So it goes.
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