September 19th, 2011


"Voila, Voila, Kleinzach..."

Still feeling low, with all sorts of new and weird symptoms. I'm never sure if this sort of thing is 'just' a sign of advancing lunacy, or really some lethal malady. Oy vey...The loud *creaking* of my joints is really getting to me, too.
The Orbital Comics.self-portrait show looks excellent. (Seejabberworksphoto-rich entry-) Wish I had been up to attending. It would have been cool to contribute, too, but I didn't know about it... Must get over there at some point, anyway, and check it out.
Waiting in for the window man AND the adjustable bed/TV man. No, don't ask, too boring to describe the malfunctions...
I have to admit, I'm not enjoying  A FEAST FOR CROWS  as much as the earlier SOIAF books, which is  a bit ominous. I hope he's not running out of steam, because I still want more, more. I find I'm not terribly keen on any of the new characters, though, and the pace is getting a bit ploddy. Complete absence of Tyrion, apart from references by other characters is a bit annoying, too, although somewhat compensated for by plenty of Brienne.  Glad to see Peter Drinklage got that Emmy for his fab portrayal of Tyrion in GAME OF THRONES,BTW.

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