September 17th, 2011


Pallid PRISONER...

Advance word on Miczyslaw Weinberg's  opera declared it gripping, emotionally devastating, and all that.
Er, no...I must admit that I was having possibly my worst ever day of joint pain, so hairy that I had to get the lift to the friggin' dress circle! My mind was not in a good/receptive place. helenraven

was there, though,
though, and she didn't seem any more enthusiastic than I was.
The plot, such as it is, involves a NIGHT PORTERish situation, in which a former SS overseer in Auschwitz, now married to a diplomat, and heading for Brazil on an ocean liner, is
horrified to see a for
mer prisoner she had thought dead is also on board. Flashbacks commence...
The music is not unattractive, if not 'catchy', it's well sung by a solid cast, especially Giselle Allen as the captive Marta, and David Pountney's production is excellent, with a brilliant two-level set by Johan Engels depicting the pristine liner, and the hellish camp below, beautifully lit by Fabrice Kebour.
The audience was respectful, but worthily sombre as it all was, I remained grumpily unmoved. It sure wasn't worth the physical discomfort and embarrassment I had to go through to get there and back. Still, I satisfied my curiosity. It would have been worse to miss some thrilling masterpiece, non?
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Dozy Day...

Maybe a little better today, I've been taking more Tramadol than I should. At least it doesn't feel as humid. For some reason, that messes me up even more than actual heat (although in these parts, they usually go together.)  I've been up to a bit of drawing, anyway, and tidied the place up.
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