August 19th, 2011


Watching The Days Go By...

And now it's warm and humid again after yesterday's pleasantly autumnal rain.
I stayed in all yesterday waiting for the nurse. No show, no call. Just as i prepared to go out this morning, the crabby one appeared at the door!
I said no thank you, I have to go out. I mean, really they can't expect people just to be indoors all the time, in case they decide to show up.I guess really, if you're able to go out at all, you shouldn't have the district nurse.. I've explained all that before, though, and it's boring..
 If my legs don't get any worse, there's a chance they'll finish with me next week, anyway. Pease, gods-
Mark Gatiss on the R4 Film Programme talked about Coffin Joe! Yay!  It seems he's still around, and still has those nauseating fingernails.
Watched SOURCE CODE a middling scifi-ish thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal, who seems to be in everything, these days. He's such a hairy Muscle Mary now, I liked his DONNIE DARKO look better. Of course, I suppose he was still a teenager, then.

Finished the first half of ASOIAF's third volume, and intend  to ration the next two, if I can, since it will be a while before the paperback of 5 coes out.
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