June 27th, 2011



Heat wave with plenty of hairy pollen, oh joy...Spent most of yesterday indoors, will probably cower in here all day today. Roll on thunder.
Nightmare -inducing sight last night on the dreaded POPSTAR TO OPERA STAR: Vanessa Mae up to her knees in dry ice, playing 'Sabre Dance',while the wretched song and dance troupe undulated around a big brazier. Ya couldn't make it up...

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I feel like a great big greaseball. Blah! No sign of the thunder and relief that was originally promised, and tomorrow's still gonna be hot, if not quite so lethal...Oh well.
It's so quiet, almost like a holiday. I guess the local yoofs are too languid to be out bawling and stabbing. Silver  lining, then.

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    Patti Smith: GLORIA