June 17th, 2011


Nasty Nurse...

It's too boring to go into, but I am a bit shocked at how slipshod this whole district nurse business is. I still haven't heard anything from the doctor, despite ringing the surgery twice, and today's (new) nurse complained crankily about my notes not being here. None of the fecking nurses have ever left any notes here. The bandages are already falling off. Hope I don't get her again. Jeez.
SHADOW LINE finished without me being much the wiser about what was going on, but it was quite entertaining, and Stephen Rea's 'Gatehouse' was definitely the creepiest baddie in a long time.
Dental checkup in the morning. Wibble...

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Dentist Day...

Whew, glad that's done, hopefully for another six months. Must say I'm glad that creepy dentist as moved on to a no doubt more lucrative private practise. The new one doesn'r have particularly bad vibes. He sounds Eastern Europaean.
Sorry for sport fans that it looks like we may finally get some decent rain , but over their big deal events. It doesn't seem fair. Cool for the likes of me, though. Ah, so lovely to slop around in old rags, with caffeine, a purring cat and a good book, on a gloomy wet day. Delight.

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