May 13th, 2011


West End..

Went for a haircut, but it turned out really superbald. My own fault, as I probably didn't insruct the girl very clearly. I guess I look as bad as when i go to the local cheap barber, but at least the new place is clean and has running water.
Poked my beak into Cass Arts, but resisted, only to fall prey to the lure of Orbital Comics, which I had forgotten existed. I think I went there for an exhibit once before, then it just slipped my mind. I spent sixteen bloody quid I can't afford. I am truly insane. Comics, like everything else, are absurdly expensive now. I really liked the look of HERE COMES EVERYONE,but it was bloody ten quid!  Even a lot of the self-printed minis are 4-5 quid. Crazy.
Stopped for a moment to watch the people doing T'ai Chi outside St Martin's-in-the-Fields. I've always rather fancied taking that up, but doubt if I could ever memorise the 'moves'.
Traffic on Whitehall was as usual, pretty well gridlocked for ages. How long will this continue? Fap!
I noticed a sign I'd not seen before at Horse Guards, warning that "Horses may kick and bite" . Odd, has that always been there?
Succumbed to the lure of pizza for lunch/dinner. God, I've spent a lot today.

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