April 9th, 2011



...Or not. Don't see how I can upload drawings from files. Oh well.
Fecking summer is here already, it seems,  and I'm grumpy.
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Films Of The Week...

MAMA MIA was mindlessly entertaining. I was a bit surprised that Pierce Brosnan's singing voice was quite that lame, though. It also seemed to my sick mind that the scenes of huge surging crowds of manic, gyrating nubiles on the pull, on the beach and in the bar, were somehow sinister, a bit SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER...
I expected a bit more of AGORA. The  dull, Kiera-alike Rachel Wiesz didn't convince me as brainbox Hypathia, though,and the story seemed mainly centred on the blokes who were in love with her. As far as I could tell, there was little concern for historical accuracy. It looked good, anyway.
PRECIOUS was very well done, and I found it interesting to see the 'star' types de-glammed to look like 'ordinary people'. I think Mariah Carey looks a lot cuter 'plain', actually., and I didn't realise that 'Nurse John' was Lenny Kravitz until the credits. All the acting was fine. I fail to see it all as particularly uplifting, though. Being a dismal pessimist, it seemed to me even more tragic that after her efforts and accomplishments in breaking away from all the abuse and ignorance, in 1987, with HIV, Precious would have almost certainly ended up dying 'orrible pretty soon.
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    ALL I ASK OF YOU, due do watching Lloyd Webber interview