April 7th, 2011


Weird 'Frankenstein' Illos...

When i was a kiddy, the edition of FRANKENSTEIN I got from the library  had  spooky b&w illustrations, vaguely Beadsleyesque in style, depicting the creature  with long matted hair and a strange pendulous lower lip, like those tribespeople who stretched  theirs with wooden plates. I think he also had fangs!  I found them well scary, and I've never seen anything remotely like them since.
My doodle is a vague approximation of my memory. Anyone ever see something similar?
Speaking of scary, THE CRIMSON PETAL ANDTHE WHITE  on BBC2 had a real horror film ambience. Very creepy altogether. I'll be watching  future episodes with interest.
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Anyone got a spare invite code? I think I was offered some months ago, but felt no need to switch, then. I may set up an account, now, in case LJ carries on being messed up forever. I really am fond of LJ, though, and hope this isn't going to be a permanent thing.