February 28th, 2011




I followed a good suggestion from motodraconis , and took my hideous head to Pax, at 54 Charing cross Rd. They couldn't provide silver colour, (What's with that? You used to be able to get it shampoo-in from  chemists-) but a very nice young man gave me just what I asked for, cut-wise, with barely a smirk or a *tsk*, and it looks a zillion times better. I so cute! And it only cost £8.00, not much more than the filthy dive where I usually get butchered. Cheers, Moto!  Of course, i gave him a good tip, and then went and blew loadsamoney at the Cass Arts sale over the road...


I really find it hard to believe that Westminster Council is trying to ban the soup run near the Cathedral on the basis that prviding the poor homeless buggers  with hot drinks, etc to help them through the dreich nights encourages them to stay on the streets!
It's unlikely they'll be able to push such  a blatantly cruel proposal through (or is it?), but I'm just grossed out by the thought of the minds that come up with such shit being in power..*%@#!!!

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