February 25th, 2011


Freaky Franju...

Finally saw JUDEX, which is totally silly, but visually a corker. lots of expressionist weirdness, wonderful b&w atmosphere, and 'Diana Monti' a very seriously  bad girl  of great excellence (sticking a hypo in the good girl's neck while dressed as an extravagantly wimpled nun, etc.)


Franju was pretty brilliant. I've always liked YEUX SANS VISAGE.

I'm still trying to figure out which 'salon' to go to for a civilised haircut and silver highlights. the prices are shocking. I don't think I've been  in a 'ladies' hair establishment in about 20 years. I always hated them, and felt patronised and out of place. Plus they're just too damn pricey.

Praise be, it feels like it's getting a bit colder again. It's been bloody hot. Still winter, dammit!

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